Friday, 1 May 2015

This S*&t Matters

There truly is something to be said for the freedom of being able to insult your closest friends after not seeing them for a few months.

My core group of girlfriends have grown from loud mouthed, free-wheeling, chandelier swinging party girls to loud mouthed, free-wheeling, less chandelier swinging (possibility of broken hips and all) party women. This group has been around for the milestones. They been around for the long absences. They’ve been around for the questionable decisions and they’ve been around for a laugh whenever needed.

When I saw a couple of these gals for lunch yesterday, I don’t think I managed to get my full butt in the booth before the insults were flying. It was like coming home. We comment on hair, what we’re wearing, what we’ve been doing or not doing and frankly just shooting the shit.

Someone like me who can spend quite a bit of time in the dark, seeing these girls is a shot of light that will keep me “up” for several days after the encounter. Whenever we get together we reminisce, but we always manage to do something stupid in that moment keeping our material fresh at all times.

It’s not always easy for me to be social. When I am social, it’s always best with them. I appreciate that. It matters.

You girls need to know that you’ve helped me in more ways than I can say.

Thanks Mary, Kimmer, Donna and Latch

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