Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Happy Birthday Dead Guy and other Peeves

It’s a month into 2015 and my optimism is still intact.

That said, every once in a while I think it’s healthy to let off a little steam. Pull out that list of pet peeves that, if left unchecked, can really start to put a damper on one’s otherwise sunny disposition. Oh don’t get me wrong, just because I call myself an optimist, doesn’t mean that there isn’t a laundry list of stuff that run the gambit of mild irritation to all out wild with rage.

So, as part of my good mental health hygiene (new for 2015), I thought I’d share some of the top contenders on my laundry list of peeves. Maybe you share a few. Maybe you don’t because you are a much more tolerant, spiritually awakened human being than I’ll ever hope to be (but I doubt it).

1.       Wishing dead people a happy birthday – first of all, the person is dead therefore unlikely to be keeping track of how many candles are on a cake much less able to appreciate the effort of party favours, presents and cards. The person cannot collect any more birthdays because, as I’ve pointed out, they are dead. By all means, mark the anniversary of a beloved person’s birth, but to actually say “Happy Birthday” to a dead person is just plain mean since you are obviously just rubbing their face into the fact that they are dead and will not get the first piece of cake

2.       Making things plural that are clearly singular – Happy Ground Hogs Day or Happy New Years for example. The opposite also bugs me. For example, can you drop me off at the No Frill? No? How about at Sobey?

3.       People who know how to artfully and effortlessly layer their scarves. Equally people who can wear bangles without making their wrists look fat

4.       When Keith Morrison has the night off from Dateline Real Life Mysteries

5.       When the bathtub stopper doesn’t fit exactly right and it makes fart sounds thus ruining the tranquility of my soak

Those are just a few of the peeves that send me into a spin and make it hard for me to concentrate on other areas of self-improvement (like learning how to align my own chakras and getting my dogs to learn to use the toilet)

I’ve learned over the years that my anxieties are just part of the magic of me and I am embracing them. As my good friend Donna has pointed out, and I quote “Lor, everyone has their things. Everyone. And I know because I’m bat shit crazy.”

These my friends, are words to live by….




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